Investment Opportunities

With a detailed project scope and a development team ready to start, Qinnect is looking to raise funds as soon as possible.

Qinnect plans to raise $75,000 IN non-voting shares in the business or in loans with interest, in 2 phases:

Phase 1: $30,000 (completed)
Phase 2: $45,000 by October 31, 2015

* plus residual from previous rounds.

Option 1 (loan with interest):

Guaranteed 5 year loan, 6% interest, compounded annually.

Option 2 (investment with shares):

Phase 1: Completed
Phase 2: $1,000 increments for 0.2% non-voting shares

* Both options ensure first rights in future investment opportunities.

If you would like to view our investment overview or get more information about Qinnect’s investment opportunities please contact us at or sign up for our investment mailing.