FAQ – Why are you using WordPress for your website?

At this stage our website is really a tool to communicate information to interested parties in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

With so many updates and new releases, it made sense to use a tool designed for regular posting like a blog service.

WordPress provides posting, editing, social media, and other options all accessible from a smartphone with their easy to use app. A bonus when we are managing so many tasks on the go.

They are also designed to handle large volumes of traffic, and have many security, search optimization, and expansion features built-in to grow with our business.

Cost-wise, they are extremely cost effective. We were able to setup our site for under $100 and in under 6 hours without spending too much time fussing with design and back-end configurations, which all fits in well with our lean development approach.

At this time our priorities are raising funding and building Qinnect. During that process we will be looking at design and branding, as well as building out a web service for the project and at that time we plan to revisit our website as needed.

If you would like more information about Qinnect, our plans, or a copy of the investment overview please contact us at info@qinnectnow.com.