100 Social Networking Stats For 2012

Great infographic on today’s social and mobile activity that reaffirm the Qinnect mobile application. 40% Socialize more Online than Face-to-Face! 91% of Mobile Internet Access is for Social Activities! We interact with our mobile devices 40 to 80 times per day! If you would like more information about Qinnect, our platform, or a copy ofContinue reading “100 Social Networking Stats For 2012”

SPiN Toronto Marketing Director signs on as Client Advisor

Qinnect is excited to announce SPiN Toronto‘s Marketing Director, Shawn Topp as our first client advisor. Shawn has been familiar with the concept since it’s infancy and with both digital and mobile marketing experience, was a natural fit to help our team understand the needs of location-based marketers. “Anything that makes a location more interactiveContinue reading “SPiN Toronto Marketing Director signs on as Client Advisor”

Halfway there!

The Qinnect team is pleased to announce we’re halfway to our phase one goal in just one week! With $10,000 in investments raised in the first week, the Qinnect team can’t wait to start building! To learn more about investment opportunities with Qinnect, signup for our investment mailing or contact us at info@qinnectnow.com.

Qinnect launches FAQ page

Got questions about Qinnect? Don’t want to provide contact details? Qinnect has launched an FAQ page on our site to allow people to post questions anonymously. Submit a question and check back in 2-3 business days for a response or follow us twitter or Facebook to get notifications when new responses are posted. We look forward to answering yourContinue reading “Qinnect launches FAQ page”